Off the plan conveyancing can be a minefield and buyers must ensure your contracts are inspected carefully. There are a lot of variables and conveyancing is extremely complex when purchasing property off the plan.

Off The Plan Conveyancing is complexThe prospect of owning a brand new home or apartment is very mind blowing. However, the property doesn’t yet exist and is a work in progress.  Careful consideration of every clause must be reviewed before putting pen to paper.

That’s where we come in. We will go review the contract clause by clause to ensure that there isn’t anything that may cause an issue later. We will review, provide you with an advice then negotiate the terms of the contract to help you get the best deal.

Our Fixed Price Off The Plan Conveyancing for Property Purchases

Our fixed price model includes expert conveyancing for the purchase of your new property. These off the plan purchases are quite complex and a lot of people can end up disappointed with the outcome, only to find they didn't read the contracts correctly.

Due to the complexity of an off the plan purchase, our fixed fee is $1,180.00 for metropolitan Sydney.

We charge a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 to review and provide our advice, negotiate the terms of the contract with the vendor.  Should you wish to proceed with the purchase the deposit will be deducted from final invoice. For an more accurate quote click here.