Commercial Conveyancing NSW with CS. We offer a comprehensive service for your commercial purchase.

commercial conveyancing nswBuying a commercial complex or building is complex. At CS Conveyancing Services we have a wealth of knowledge which we use to turn that complexity into a positive. Giving you an up to date progress of your purchase and ensuring that the contract has no hidden agendas and ensuring that the process is smooth as possible. Commercial conveyancing involves many details and it’s imperative that you find a conveyance company with skills and knowledge in the area of commercial premises. Try our instant quote system for all of your property buying and selling conveyance. Due to the complexity of purchasing a commercial complex, our fixed fee is $1,450.00. With an upfront payment of $250.00 for the reviewing and negotiating terms of the contract. This payment will be deducted from our invoice at settlement. For an accurate quote on our fixed fee click here.