At CS Conveyancing Services we understand time is of the essence during a property sale. The quicker your real estate agent has a contract, the quicker your property is on the market. We want to move your property sale along as much as you do. Once we’ve received your instructions to prepare your contract, we guarantee that a draft contract will be sent to your agent the same day after receiving your instructions with no upfront costs, all fees are paid on the day of settlement. Please note that if after 6 months your property has not sold we will charge for the disbursements incurred to prepare the contract.


Prior to marketing your property or listing it for sale, at law you need a contract. At CS Conveyancing Service we will ensure that your contract is ready within 24 hours (subject to receiving all government searches) of receiving your instructions so that the marketing process can start as soon as possible.
Great news, you found someone to purchase your property. Next step is exchanging the contract. At CS Conveyancing Services we will negotiate the terms of the contract with the purchasers solicitor / conveyancer. Once all parties are happy with the contract, we will attend to exchanging the contracts. Once the contracts are exchanged, the purchaser is legally bound to complete the contract. If however, you are selling the property by auction, then we will ensure that the Agent has the contract prior to auction. The auctioneer in this case will attend to exchange the contract on your behalf.
Settlement takes 6 weeks from the date after exchange. At CS Conveyancing Services we will prepare for settlement by ensuring your discharging mortgagee (if you have a mortgage) is ready for settlement. The settlement adjustment statement of the monies are prepared by the purchaser. We will ensure that all adjustments in relation to Council, Water, Strata (if any), Rent monies (if any) are adjusted correctly. We will obtain your instructions in relation to depositing any surplus funds from the sale into your account.
CS Conveyancing Services, depending on the location of settlement, we arrange for an Agent to attend on your behalf. We will ensure that everything is ready for our Agent. All monies owed to you will and paid and if you have a discharging mortgagee they will provide us with your title deeds to hand over to the purchaser. Any commission monies for your agent, will be paid from the deposit. The property will change ownership, as well as notifying Council, Sydney Water and Strata Manager (if a unit). The transfer of ownership process takes 6-8 weeks.