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If you are looking for the best conveyancing in NSW, we can help you. We ensure the process is quick, easy, and always accessible, whether you want to buy your first home or sell your current place of residence. Choose CS Conveyancing Services and experience a complicated process made simple.

What Sets Us Apart When You Need Excellent Online NSW Conveyancers

Before choosing a conveyancer in NSW, you should always understand the advantages they offer. Our licensed conveyancers in NSW provide you with everything you need to ensure a quick and easy solution to your requirements. Below, we have put together a list of things we believe set us apart from our competition when you need reliable conveyancers:

  • We provide fast and efficient conveyancing at the click of a button. We understand that buying or selling a house can take time, especially if you plan on doing it on your own. Our teams can help you through the thick and thin of the complications and ensure a fast turnaround time, whether you are buying, or selling. We guarantee a turnaround time of no more than one day when drafting your contract. Helping you complete a complicated process with ease is what we do, and we will always strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction along the way to your successful contract settlement.
  • When you plan to sell a house, we ensure any conveyancer fee you need to deal with is simple. We provide a service with fixed prices and no hidden costs, enabling you to take advantage and plan accordingly since you can make these fees a part of your budget plan upfront. As soon as you get in contact with us to sell a house, a licensed conveyancer in NSW from our firm will provide you with a lump sum charge for all the work we will need to do. The sum covers quite a few things, namely: our professional costs of contract preparation and review, a title search or common property search, Council Zoning (S149(2)(5) Certificate, deposited plan, drainage diagram, ECOS (contract for the sale of land), an LPI dealing search, and an S47 land tax certificate. This package keeps the process simple, transparent, and efficient from the beginning to the end.
  • Our services across the board are also priced affordably, which furthers the accessibility of our services and the flexibility of your budget when buying or selling a house. We pride ourselves on providing anyone with excellent services that can cater to their budget. If you need an affordable, excellent team of professionals that can help you with all the legalities regarding buying or selling a home, you have found it.
  • All our services are accessible online, which means you can get the most out of our exceptional conveyancing services from anywhere. Whether you want to set in motion the buying or selling of a house while you are travelling, or whether you simply have a busy schedule, we provide you with the means to get your conveyancing done at the click of a button.

It is easy to see why our clients love us, and why they remember our name when they need reliable conveyancing in NSW. We provide quick turnaround times on any buy or sell, fixed conveyancing fees in NSW when selling homes, affordable services that increase our flexibility and accessibility, and an entirely online experience that makes everything easier. When you choose CS Conveyancing Services, you choose right.

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Questions Commonly Asked by Our Clients When They Need Conveyancing in New South Wales

Over the years of doing business as an NSW conveyancer, we have had many questions from clients, new and returning. As a way of keeping our services accessible and transparent for our customers, we answer any questions as quickly as possible. Below we have compiled a brief list of a few questions our customers commonly ask us:

  • Can you please explain what conveyancing is? Conveyancing pertains to the legal process of transferring a title of a property between a buyer and a seller. This process can begin before the signing of the contract of sale. It can continue to the settlement and to the post-settlement notifications that one needs to send to the relevant authorities.
  • Are there standard terms to a conveyancing contract? Yes. These terms usually contain purchase price, a proposed settlement date, additional dates of relevance if any, and conditions of the contract itself.
  • How long is the standard duration for a conveyance? In general, it should take four to six weeks once the necessary parties have signed the required contracts. The transfer of title usually takes another week or two after that. It is indeed possible to negotiate shorter settlement terms before signing the contract, and that is something our professionals can discuss with you further if necessary.
  • You have mentioned ‘searches’, to what do these refer? Searches are a vital part of the buying or selling of any property. They provide evaluation and identification of any property, legal-, or ownership issues. Considering most conveyancing contracts allow for the buyer to have particular rights, such as termination of the contract or compensation in certain scenarios, it is important to do searches to ensure you are happy with everything before moving forward. Not going ahead with searches can become a costly process down the road when issues arrive that you didn’t identify previously.
  • What are the most important dates in a conveyance? First is the contract date, which is the date on which the last required party signs the contract, and it comes into effect. Second is the finance date. The finance date is the day the buyer must advise the seller, regarding whether they achieved finance approval or not. Third, we have the building and pest inspection date. This day is when the buyer must advise the seller regarding whether they obtained the required building and pest reports. Lastly is the settlement date, the day upon which settlement takes place, subject to the agreement of all involved parties.

If you find that we did not answer the questions you have, feel free to get in touch with us so we can help. We pride ourselves on always providing excellent customer service and ensuring we clear up any questions or confusion for our clients as quickly as possible.

Why Trust Us When You Need Reliable Conveyancers in NSW

Over the years, we have always aimed to build a business that customers can trust. We studied numerous ways to make the NSW conveyancing process as easy as possible for anyone who came knocking, and we spent much time honing our craft. Now, years later, we provide an affordable service. Our customers have flexibility in their budgets during a process that can become rather stressful. We provide accessible service. Our online presence is strong and allows our clients to get everything they need from us, from the comfort of their homes. We provide excellent turnaround times. We understand that the process can become increasingly more demanding if it drags on, which is why we ensure speedy turnaround times for anyone. Our main goal is, after all, to ease the process of buying or selling a house as much as we can.

Whether you need a team that can deliver quickly, a team with no hidden charges in their NSW conveyancing fees or a team that is always available to answer any of your questions, we are the obvious choice. Our teams will always go above and beyond to ensure you get the services you need when you need it. Choose our professionals today and experience a blissful transition from the old into the new. Call us now, and you can set your future in motion with CS Conveyancing Services.

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