CS conveyancing services fixed price structure

Conveyancing Fees: What’s in Our Fixed Fees?

CS conveyancing services fixed price structure

Have you wondered about Conveyancing Fees: What's in Our Fixed Fees and how can you access our budget friendly service.

Let’s face it - moderately priced and high quality legal help is hard to come by nowadays. There are service providers who quote you an amount that’s just way out of your budget. On the other hand, some companies may give you one figure, but you find it excludes necessary items! This is why some people are scared to get professional help.

Here at CS Conveyancing Services, however, we pride ourselves with our fixed fee scheme. This gives you the assurance that the amount you’re going to pay won’t be changing. It allows you to plan your expenses, and have the peace of mind you deserve.

But while the process for buying or selling a home in NSW is similar for all transactions, the properties being bought and sold vary greatly in value, and so do conveyancer’s fees--there are no set fees for conveyancers as such. Most conveyancers offer their customers a variety of ways to pay, from hourly rates to fixed fees (also known as a flat fee) to a sliding scale dependent on the property sale price. So how do you know which type of fee payment option is best for you?

With traditional conveyancing fees, the conveyancer is usually paid by the hour, which can quickly make costs balloon out. By contrast, a fixed fee sets the price of performing the work that is within the normal scope of work for a conveyance. Therefore, we generally recommend fixed fee conveyancing as a great way to stay on top of your costs. The costs are transparent, you see exactly where the charges come from, and there’s no nasty surprises at the end.

Why Offer Fixed Fee Conveyancing?

Fixed fee conveyancing gives our clients the security they deserve, knowing that they’re made aware of how much they’re paying for. That means no hidden charges, no sudden changes, no worries.

Furthermore, it gives them the feeling that we are transparent, and that’s what we always endeavour to be. Our fixed fees are broken down into very specific expenses where the money goes, and it is all for processing of either the purchase or sale of a property. In other words, our clients know what the fees are for!

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What’s Included in Our Fixed Fees for Buying

For those who are buying property, the fee includes professional costs, reviewing and negotiating terms of contract, attending to searches, enquiries, and stamp duty requirements, drafting transfer, preparation for settlement, and many more.

Some specific costs include the following:

  •  S603 Certificate
  • Sydney Water
  • OSR Stamping
  • S47 Land Tax Certificate
  • Title Search
  • Settlement Agents Fee

What’s Included in Our Fixed Fees for Selling

Meanwhile, those are selling property will see that the fixed fee comprises of costs related to contract preparation and review, negotiations, reviewing and responding to requisitions, attending to signing transfer, settlement preparation, and others.

This also includes:

  • Title Search or Common Property Search
  • Council Zoning (S149(2)(5) Certificate)
  • Deposited Plan
  •  Drainage Diagram
  •  ECOS – contract for sale of land pages
  •  1 x LPI Dealing Search
  • S47 Land Tax Certificate
  • Settlement Agents fee

In conclusion, the great thing about having fixed fee conveyancing is that you as our client will have some sort of control over undertakings by being made aware of what you pay for, and how much it really is. There is power and comfort in being given the assurance that things are going according to plan, and you won’t be surprised by fees.

So, if you’re looking to buy or sell property in NSW, CS Conveyancing is the best provider for you. Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to smooth transactions. 

It is also much easier to compare anticipated fees between conveyancers when you have a fixed fee quote with a comprehensive explanation of the inclusions and exclusions.

Conveyancing Fees: What's in Our Fixed Fees (Buying)